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Supporters: Testimonials
Craig McVay_edited.jpg

Craig McVay

Retired Superintendent, El Reno Public Schools

I’ve known Steven Jensen for many years. We worked side by side when he was President of the El Reno Public Schools Board of Education. His dedication to doing things right and doing things as a team stand out about the time we worked together.  Steven Jensen is a public servant who listens to all sides and considers the big picture. His vision for the future of our city is based on his experience and love for our community. I could not support anyone more than I support Steven.

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Billy and Rhiannon.jpg

Billy and Rhiannon Barton

Steve Jensen is an all-around great man! We know he will exceed all expectations placed in front of him. Vote for Jensen for Mayor of El Reno!

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Brian Schaffer.jpg

Dr. Brian R. Shafer  D.D.S

I have known Steve Jensen for over 15 years.  I know him to be a Christian man of high moral character and integrity, a devoted husband and father, a successful businessman, and a man deeply concerned about the well-being of our local community. His ability to bring all people together and be a patient and competent leader will be a great step forward for our community. I believe El Reno will greatly benefit from his leadership skills and experience. And for these reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse Steve Jensen for the next mayor of El Reno.

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Tamie McManaman

My name is Tamie McManaman, I have known Steve Jensen for over 40 years.

First and foremost, Steve is a Godly man who always puts his faith and family first.  He is also a businessman.

Steve and his brother run a farming operation here in Canadian County.  His family has very deep roots in our community. 

The life of a farmer is very complex, subject to many ebbs and flows.  This has molded Steve into the man he is today, which is someone who presents himself in the highest professional manner, even when faced with great difficulties.

I am confident that he will lead our community in a positive direction, while treating each of our citizens with the respect and candor they deserve.  He will also be fair and impartial.

Steve has the skills needed to calmly, yet confidently, navigate the highs and lows of being mayor and being in high pressure situations. 

It is with great pleasure that my husband, Clay and I, endorse Steve Jensen for Mayor of El Reno.

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Mike Roach

I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve and the Jensen Family for many, many years, and have always considered their friendship a gift. Steve has a true desire to see our community grow and prosper to the benefit of each and every resident. I've spoken with Steve several times and know that his desire to take part in the process is real. I don't believe there is another individual who would successfully fill the position of Mayor of the City of El Reno.

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Dr. Lacey Carder-Holden

Owner and Chiropractor with Carder Chiropractic

Steve Jensen is a successful business man for over 30 years. He was part of the school board for 20 years and a great family man with christian values. He cares about El Reno and our future growth. 

I know that Steve will continue to bring his ethic of hard work and values to the community. I believe he is the best candidate for Mayor. 

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Tommy and Suz.jpg

Tommy & Suzanne Thompson

We support Steve because of his desire and commitment to serve the citizens of El Reno, his proven ability as a school board member, businessman, as well as, his values shown through his faith and family.

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Randy Hurst.jpg

Randy Hurst

I’ve known Steve Jensen for many years and know him to be of the highest standards and integrity. He is a very successful businessman and has had many leadership roles within the community. A truly strong Christian, he is always concerned with helping others by listening and understanding their problems. Being a lifelong resident of El Reno, he is extremely proud of our city and is continually working to help make our fine city an example of which others are envious.  I strongly recommend Steve Jensen for Mayor of El Reno, knowing that he will masterfully lead our city to greatness!

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Curtis Blanc

Local Business Owner, Veteran, and

El Reno School Board Member

Looking for a Mayor that could maximise for all citizens and business that is coming to our community over the next ten years? How about a candidiate from a family that pioneered, developed and has served this community for over 100 year. Steve Jensen has carried on his family tradition working with the surrounding school districts the past 20 years to maximize the educational benefit for all of our children. What if our community and surrounding communites could actually work together to do the same to benefit all? Steve is a proven unifier of people and goals, I am honored to support him for Mayor of my community.

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Sara photo.jpeg

Sara Pierce 

Partner and COO with Real Estate Perosnnel, Inc. and Volunteer VP of Historic Fort Reno 

I am proud to support Steve Jensen for Mayor! He is a wonderful godly man, that if given the opportunity to be mayor, will put the community first. He really listens and cares about others input. He has a great business sense which could really turn El Reno around for the better.

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