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The Future of El Reno

Our Future: Welcome

Our City, Our Future, Our Community

Prospective Changes 

I am ready to adapt and act quickly to ensure our town not only continues to grow, but thrives under new leadership. Although no mayor can impliment ideas without their city council's support, I look forward to the opportunity to work hand in hand with our other city leaders to accomplish great things for our community. 

Change and Improvement

Community Involvement

I want to include you in our plans for the future of our city! The process for involvement from the community should be simple, seamless and handled in a caring and dignified manner. If given the honor to be your Mayor, you can trust that you will be in great hands. For El Reno to reach the highest level of excellence, it will depend on the input from many that want to make a difference for our commuity. Inculsivity is the starting point.

Steve talking to people.jpg

Bring Industry and Jobs Back

Growth and Development

In order for our wonderful community to grow, we need an experienced leader to generate interest for new industry to bring jobs and people back to El Reno. Unfortunately, as companies leave, the tax revenue that they generated also leaves, which shrinks the city’s budget for community repairs and infrastructural needs. You can trust, as a seasoned member of our city council and successful business owner,  I know how to facilitate partnerships. I will work hard to bring businesses to El Reno, to not only generate more income for the City but to also generate higher income jobs. It is my goal to bring better opportunities to our community and to bring exciting options for consumers.

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Revitalize Downtown

Historical Preservation and Support for Main Street

Strong leadership is vital to continue the support of the revitalization of our downtown. Many excellent changes have happened in the recent years and I know the community would like to see this continued. I have a commitment to the historical preservation of our towns charming charater as a 5th generation resident of El Reno. Main Street needs our city's support and I am eager to help its current business owners to have what they need from the city to succeed. We need less empty buildings and more businesses to bring people back to downtown. 

El Reno Downtown.jfif

Rejuvinate El Reno's Image

Code Enforcement and Street Repair

You can trust that it will be my mission to revamp the image of El Reno. There are many residential buildings that bring down property values in their neighborhoods and some are in such terrible disarray that they are downright dangerous. In order for our town to be respected by our residents and surrounding towns, we need to expand and enforce our town's code. In addition to code enforcement, we need regular street cleanings and street repair.

Clean Neighborhood

City Expansion

Need for Housing Diversity

El Reno needs essential housing diversity and you can depend on me to do everything I can to make sure this happens. When it comes to our current housing, we need more single family residential and multi-family options including homes that fit every price demographic. I take pride in our exceptional community, and guarantee you’ll love having more housing options.

Cushions on the Sofa

Ready To Take Flight

Boost Our Aviation Park

One of the biggest difference to our community can truly happen with boosting El Reno's Airport. As a holder of a private pilot's license, I know how important our airport is, and you can count on me to make sure that it continues to thrive. The El Reno Airport is one of the front doors to our community, and I guarantee that the welcome mat is out, and we are ready for business.

Air Show

Recreational Development

Amenities For The Community

I want all of our citizens and visitors to experience and enjoy impressive improvements to our recreational options. We must continue to take care and improve all forms of recreation that we have here in El Reno including the Golf Course, El Reno Lake, parks, and ball fields. Everything from walking trails to lighted sidewalks and streets exist for the betterment of the commuity.  I want to improve the quality of our community by supporting the initative to build a community center, and to build upon the great resources we already have.

Our Future: Services
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